Inspire: Drink Up!

“I was pouring out my heart to the Lord!” 1Samuel 1:15b NLT   Sometimes we want something so bad from God we spend our days praying. And that’s a great thing! It’s a God thing. It’s a faith thing. He tells us—pray without ceasing! Nothing big. Nothing elaborate. Just, continually. Just, directly. Just, faithfully. Hannah […]

Inspire: If You Want Joy…

“May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through.” 1Thessalonians 5:23   Rejoice evermore… Pray without ceasing… In everything give thanks… –When the house needs cleaning. –When the bills need paying. –When the kids are incorrigible. –When the spouse won’t listen. –When the boss is stubborn. –When the plans don’t happen. –When… […]

Inspire: Hearing God

“…but our confidence comes from God.”   2Corinthians 3:5b  NIV   We so desperately want to hear directly from God. We seek a one on one conversation where His voice and our voice are audible to each other. Yet, God does things differently than we do. He chooses to speak in ways that are a […]

You Are a Gift in Hard Times

I sit across from her in a mostly empty restaurant. We’ve been friends for a while, and I know her story. I know of the pain and upheaval of her childhood and early adult life. I know of the hard places she’s endured in raising her boys, and in keeping her marriage alive. I am […]

Inspire: Master of Life

“…before the gods I will sing your praise.” Psalm 138:1b   Our schedules are full these days. We drive kids. We help spouses. We shuffle paperwork. We make houses. We make money. We study words. We share laughs. We fill calendars. We make lists. We put numbers next to them. We rank their importance. We […]

Two Things I Learned From My Mother

Their cards line the mantel, and sweet memories of another Mother’s Day are now tucked within my heart. I’m glad to be a their mother. Glad for every moment and memory we’ve gathered together through the years. My heart is crowded with love for them, and I thank God that it is. But there’s another […]

Inspire: When You Doubt–It’s Ok!

“He who has ears, let him hear.” Matthew 11:15   Living by faith and not by sight can have its moments of questioning. When we don’t see the answers to our prayers or when the worst happens instead of the best, we can sit in the doubt instead of rejoice in the trust. And that’s […]

Why Today Is Better Than Yesterday

Spring is my new favorite season. I’ve fallen in love with its scents, and sights, and how it tells fresh stories of nature’s renewal. Every day, blossoms get bigger, trees grow taller, and leaves sprout greener, as they seem to speak a singular message… Today is better than yesterday. Today, nature stands sturdier, and fuller, […]