Meet Raye

Hi, I’m Raye.

Thanks for meeting me here on The Hope Filled Road. This is a place where discovering hope is more than just wishful thinking. It’s a place where we can find a confident hope that changes us from the inside out. From my youthful days in Upstate New York to my travels to Atlanta and Southern California, hope has been that relentless whisper I’ve tried hard to stay connected to.

Why hope? Hope takes us places. It changes the scenery, it changes the destination, it changes the possibilities of life.

I like change. When I’m changing, God is present. He encourages me to stand at the crossroads, look around, ask for the good way, and go in that direction.(Jeremiah 6:16)

And when we travel his way, he promises rest stops. Not the kind where we quickly rush in and out just trying to get to the next place the best way we can, but the kind where we can linger, and breath, and move on better than when we started.

Everyday I’m traveling, I’m finding hope. I hope you will too!

I married my incredible Man, and best friend twenty years ago, and am blessed by how he keeps me balanced, inspired, and laughing. At times, I’m an emotional handful who too quickly forgets whose road I’m on, and my Man will patiently strengthen me with his logical, “big picture” perspective on life.

God also saw fit to make me Momma to two precious, and beautiful souls borrowed from Heaven. It’s amazing how they were knit together completely different, yet can giggle and find companionship so easily with each other.

I’m also a Bible study leader for Arise – North Coast Women at North Coast Church in Vista, CA. I write on the joy and work of marriage, living in the darkness of depression, life lessons on parenting and raising godly children, the successes and challenges of friendships, and finding our heavenly Papa in the everyday.

I love talking with my hands.  My Man says I can’t complete a sentence without them waving about! I tend to get passionate about anything that’s well, anything, and I find dark chocolate an absolute necessity.

Taking pictures of nature brings me great joy, and my garden allows me to relish in the care God takes with all of his creations.

I also love grand and “juicy” words, the Holy Word, and all things hope filled.

My promise is to be real, and my hope is that you will find strength, peace, and grace among the words poured forth here.

Let’s take a journey together.


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