Premium Seating

“Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!”  Revelation 19:9

Have you ever attended an event and had really lousy seats?

Like the very top row of a gazillion row arena, or a seat behind a pole, or worse yet, behind a reallllllly realllllly tall person wearing a realllly tall hat?

Or maybe the seats weren’t that bad. You were at least there—but still not THE best seats. Not the front row. Not the ones that say, you’re a VIP.

Two weeks ago I finally had the best seats in the house.

Two weeks ago I had front row, unobstructed, third off the center aisle, premium, cushioned seating.

I had never, ever, ever had that kind of seating at that kind of event. E V E R.

An event by invitation only.

And I relished in the front row seating.

It was a nice change from similar events.

But this one had more meaning.

She was no longer our girl; she was becoming his wife.

Yet, my stepmother’s heart still had it’s own special memories of all the years together. Tears of joy collided with a bit of sadness with the newness of it all.

And I sat quietly listening to her pledge to the one who now filled her heart.

From the front row.

From the premium seats.

From a seat of honor.


Photo: Renae Bowman

And in the happiness, I heard a soft whisper:

This front row you’re sitting in…

It’s more than just at this wedding.

It’s more than just for a day.

You have front row seating to life.

The life I gave you.

The life I’ve asked you to live fully—in Me.

You are a VIP—you are my daughter—never forget that!

Dear sisters, you, too, are being told the same.

Have you heard Him whisper that to you?

Like a wedding, our relationship with Jesus Christ begins with an invitation.

It’s already been mailed out.

It’s that little whisper you hear in the silence.

He’s asking.

He’s just waiting for an RSVP.

We have the choice to accept or decline.

Have you sent yours back yet?

Will you be attending?

Jesus Christ makes bold and deliberate statements when he tells us that accepting the invitation, from that point on, we will always be in the front row.

It may not always feel like it in the day-to-day grind. In fact, sometimes, we absolutely feel like we are sitting in the really bad cheap seats again.

But His promise holds true; whether we feel it or not.

His promise is for both today and for tomorrow.

And just as My Father has granted Me a kingdom, I grant you, so that you may take food and drink at my table in my kingdom, and be seated like kings. Luke 22:30

Do you understand the incredible statement of honor this is?

We, little ol’ you and me … will be seated with Christ like kings.


Premium seating for premium guests.  Titles bestowed on us simply for saying “yes.”

That is something far more valuable than this world can ever offer.

But…you have to send back the RSVP.

You have to answer if you will accept or will decline.

Acceptance puts your name on the list, immediately.

And then your seat will be chosen.

Front row.


Two or three in from center.

On the aisle.


Which will you choose?

Those back row seats—not a view in sight!

Those back row seats—are gone as soon as the party is over.

Seating matters.

His words emphasized that.

May I suggest you ask Jesus, today, to save you a seat at his banquet?

After all, by his own words, you are a VIP.

It’s just up to you if you will accept His invite.

Which seats will you choose?

Precious Lord, I am humbled that you would consider me royalty at your table. But I know it depends on me giving you my heart. I’m so scared to do so, not knowing what that will mean, but I’m done searching. I’m done running. I want to be on the guest list. Here is my RSVP—I accept!  I want front row seating with you, for eternity.  Here is my heart…take it, I’m yours!

6 Replies

  1. Carole Bode

    We women are visually oriented, so this HFR was particularly poignant. Thank you Renae for the sweet mind-picture. I’ve already RSVP’d, too!
    Blessings 🙂

    1. See you at the ultimate banquet! Let’s get a seat next to each other Carole.

  2. Lori perez

    That was beautiful. I am so glad that I have sent my RSVP. I pray every day for all of those who haven’t. The event is going to be the best party that we have ever responded to.

  3. Karen Uribe

    Beautifully said Renae, thank you!!!!

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