Meet Renae

Hi, I’m Renae Bowman.

It’s hard to write about yourself, not to mention having to be formal for a very informal life. But God has blessed me with a rocky-road of existence to prove His sovereignty.

I am a married woman with a great husband and three awesome kids by my side. My husband is my earthly rock! Unmovable at times like a boulder, but solid as any piece of granite. I love that man! And my kids? Well, some label children as “’step” when you enter their existing family, but I love those kids as if my DNA was in their blood. They are grown now, moving on, and starting their own lives. It is exhilarating to see their wings expand and their hearts soar as they experience life as adults.

We all make our home in Southern California where I’m a true native and hopefully will remain, unless God’s plan takes me elsewhere.

I have put away my uniforms, belt, and bullets from a 23-year career of service. Diving into ministry full-time is now the second chapter of my life. I have had the privilege of speaking to women about my life’s experiences and how God has sustained me. God has put a storyteller’s desire on my heart to serve Him through speaking and writing. It is my passion.

I am far from a theologian, scholar, or expert at Bible interpretation. I am merely a daughter of our Lord working my way through life, using His Word as my compass. Some days I dig deep into the Bible and some days I dig deep into the laundry basket. I am your sibling in Christ. Together let’s go on a journey through life’s ups and downs, with Godly lessons to guide us. Through it all, let us remain focused that our hope is in the Lord—always!