A Word for the Season

It was my birthday last week. As a lay in bed recounting the wonderful blessings I received that day, I prayed God would give me just one word to carry for the coming year. I waited in anticipation for him to lay on me some grand word of action or accomplishment. I fought to be still – and ready to […]

Have You Put Out Your Signs?

“When all our enemies heard about this, all the surrounding nations were afraid and lost their self-confidence.” Nehemiah 6:17a It’s obvious you fiercely protect what you love. That’s probably why we all connect so well, don’t you think? Your stories are telling—you have a heart’s desire to gather up those you love and shield them […]

Rejecting Grace: 3 Reasons Why We Do It and How To Stop

“We are presumptuous, not when we marvel at his grace, but when we reject it.” – Max Lucado, The Gospel of Second Chances Good morning friends! Are any of you, by chance, a grace rejector? My husband, who has far more tact than I ever will, would cringe at my question. “You can’t ask questions […]

Why You Should Never Accept Ordinary

Can we get a coffee and chat? I mean, just you and I sitting on a couch gabbing away? Let’s talk, because I’ve been meaning to tell you something. I know you’ve been feeling ordinary lately. It happens to all of us. The routines, the schedules, the “I don’t know when it happened” melting of […]