When Peace is Hard to See

“To you I lift up my eyes, O you who are enthroned in the heavens!” – Psalm 123:1 NIV

I stood at the railing mesmerized by the turbulent waters below.

My family and I decided to skip our traditional holiday festivities and spend time on a cruise ship sailing across the Pacific Ocean. It was a four-day journey to our destination. Four days without a phone, Facebook, or friends.

I spent most of those four days looking at, well … water. As far as the eye could see. I was particularly drawn to the wild, frothy waves stirred up as the ship cut through the sea.

Lord, my life feels like these waves, I thought.

The waves mixed, folded and rolled onto each other. Layer upon layer of chaos and commotion. It was beautiful to look at, but peace was hard to see.

Do you ever feel like that? Life is beautiful, but peace is hard to see?

I sure do.

An ache has been growing in my heart for a while now. An ache to find a slower pace. An ache for extra time to slow my mind so deep, eager, and inspiring thoughts can form again.

God, I want peace! How do I get it? I know reality will eventually return with all it’s work and worry, but can peace be a part of it? Can I live a busy life on a prevailing wave of peace?

Then I looked across the ocean, out where the land meets the sky. From where I stood, the sea looked like quiet waters. I looked further still to the heavens. From where I stood, the skies looked like peace.

I’ve been looking in all the wrong places. My sights have been fixed downward, inward – anywhere but to the Lord.

But now, as I lift my eyes above me and my life, out past horizon lines and up to heaven, I see a place where God resides and peace is granted.

Oh sure, out there in the distance, the waters still tumble and roll and the skies still erupt in storms, but distance smooths out the terrain. And when I lift up my eyes in hope to heaven, I create distance from my bubbling mess of a life. Distance that helps me remember God’s goodness and love.

I don’t know about you, but my life is not yet able to welcome a slower pace. Active teenagers, work and commitments see to that. But when we choose to keep our sights on heaven, we’re reminded that God is always home. Seated in power and authority and ready to take charge of the raging seas our busy lives produce.

We must use our eyes with resolution, for they will not go upward to the Lord of themselves. – Charles Spurgeon, Treasury of David

Lord, thank you that heaven is your home. That we can lift our eyes to you in assurance of your promises of grace, mercy and peace. Today, I offer up my life to your authority. Take the raging seas of pain, work and striving and replace them with your hope and power. Help me to aim for a heavenly view each and every day. Amen.

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  1. Herlinda

    This is what I needed to assure me that God is very much in my Scattered thoughts as I Pray. Thank you..

  2. Angie Rose

    Thank you, Raye. So easy to be distracted from the hard places of examination.

    1. Raye Wortel

      For sure, Angie. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Bonnie Testerman

    Thanks, I needed this. I need to seek my peace.

    1. Raye Wortel

      You’re welcome, Bonnie.

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