This Is Where It Begins

 “Go and make right what is wrong between you and him. Then come back and give your gift.” Matthew 5:24


Photo Renae Bowman

Photo Renae Bowman

It’s roughly 590 miles from Bryce Canyon, Utah to San Diego, CA.

Driving time, about 10 hours, give or take.

Words said in that time and distance—none!

Well, maybe one or two about lunch somewhere around Las Vegas, but beyond that—nothing. Literally, not a peep.  There was silence for the entire time!

There was a lot of stubbornness and pride fueled in that car between me and the man sitting next to me.  What started as a vacation ended in disaster. Trust me, you don’t want to know what’s possible to think of for 10 hours in silence, in anger, on a lonely highway.  You just don’t!

Yet, somehow that man back then saw through all my faults and later made me his wife! I know, I know—I ask “why” all the time, too! You’ll have to ask him!

I’d like to tell you that was our one and only argument over the years, but…
A hardheaded woman and a hardheaded man sometimes makes for interesting company.

600 miles folks!  600 without a word.  Yeah, I’d say we’re a bit stubborn sometimes. (not my best quality)

Relationships are a muddled process, aren’t they? Conflict occurs, passions enrage, and ways get set. 99.9% of relationships have to deal with disagreements, don’t you think? The difference is, some of you know how to do it wisely. Others, like us, tend to take up separate corners in the house where we stay licking our wounds and making lists of every bad thing about the other (…if I’m keeping it real).

But you know what changes it e-v-e-r-y single time?

Three very powerful words…

I… Am… Sorry.

They don’t always make everything right, but they make way for the healing.

Whether it’s a marriage, a friendship, or a working environment, if your heart has been broken by sharp words or actions, than you know just how precious those three words sound after the fact. They soften the hardest of hearts. But, when you have to be the one saying them, well, what is honey to the ears at one point can be vinegar to the tongue at another. Yet, they are still important—and they are essential.

So why am I writing about all of this?

Because it is a time for new beginnings.
And new beginnings sometimes mean taking care of the past. Flat out—some of us have another in our life that needs to hear those words. I’m not talking about the art of forgiveness—I’m not going down that path. I certainly know there are bad marriages, tough friendships, and hard family life—that’s a different topic. For now though, I’m talking about that thing that has been nagging at you to resolve. That thing where ownership over an issue, needs to happen. New beginnings can’t begin until past problems are repaired.

Our key verse speaks to this.  “Go and make right what is wrong between you and him. Then come back and give your gift.” Matthew 5:24  It’s about taking care of business now to start anew tomorrow.

If this is speaking to you about another person, I’m so glad. Do it! It’s just one more confirmation you needed to hear to resolve an issue. You know you need to—it’s time.

It’s also time for another resolution. God. Jesus. Yep, I know, this one makes you cringe a little. Please don’t stop reading. I know it’s easier to talk about earthly conflicts than heavenly ones, right? I get it; I’ve been there. Avoidance is the key.  But it’s time. It’s been too long. Don’t hold back.

God is so forgiving. He is not lost in his stubbornness giving you the silent treatment. He knows we withdraw to our corners to avoid him for all sorts of reasons. But he hasn’t avoided us. No, he hasn’t walked away. He is still right there waiting for you. He is that entity that stands with open arms, a soft smile, tears flowing, asking, “Why won’t you come to me?” He is waiting for you to let go of the past so he can be your future.   He is waiting to hear from you.

May I suggest in this time of resolutions of better bodies, bigger bank accounts and more organization you go even bigger? Sure those are good to work towards but why settle for only that small stuff which doesn’t last when you can make the greatest resolution ever? Whether you’ve been avoiding for a lifetime or needing some recent repair, do you want something that will last far beyond the middle of February—far beyond the temporary?

If the answer is yes…

Then this is where it begins…

It starts with a prayer.  It starts with an open heart.  It starts with an apology.

Oh Lord, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for leaving you out of my life. I’m sorry for choosing the world over you. I’m sorry for making you a mere speck in my life when in reality you are the everything! Please forgive me, forgive my sins, and forgive my avoidance. I’m told you will forgive me. I’ll trust in you and you alone. Take my hand Lord, lead me, give me life. I. Choose. You.!

(Please, please, please email me if this prayer was your prayer for the New Year. I will personally chat with you if you would let me. Don’t give it a second thought. Please do!)

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  1. Lori Perez

    wonderful words. That is an awesome way to start the new year. Thank you for starting the New Year of The Hope Filled Road with such a inspirational devotional.

    1. Thank you Lori! May your New Year be richly blessed.

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