On the Way Up

Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice.  -Philippians 4:4 NIV


Today, we have a guest writer—Diane Petersen. She has been a rock for Raye and I, and recently revealed to us a letter she wrote a few years ago. We were moved by it.

Here’s the back-story: 

In the early morning hours after a night of restlessness, Diane was broken. Despair had taken up residency. Diane was caring for her terminally ill daughter and felt so alone. Her friends seemed distant and the struggles all around her had mounted up so high she could barely breathe. And she barely slept. That morning, Jesus spoke to Diane’s heart about her journey and placed these gentle words upon her. She quickly grabbed her pen and wrote as the thoughts flooded in. The love-letter became a source of strength for her, both then and now.  Maybe her letter was meant for you, too.



As you arrived in the High Country I showed you how diligent you have been on this climb.


When you started out, you had been given many tools and supplies. I gave you an empty map, and yet you continued and set out while you scanned the horizon and followed the sun. At one point in this journey, fast growing vines seemed to jump out at you and tried to strangle you. But you had brought your Sword and cut yourself free!


Aim high my child, set your sights on me and persevere! Continue carrying those tools and supplies, regardless! TRUST ME and stay certain.



Soon you will reach the Mountain Meadow where the sun shines upon the fresh morning dew. It is there that you will drop and dance, spinning and turning with your arms swinging high in the air as you run light with bare feet!  Starry eyed about in a sweet surrender of joy and delight you will be!



Oh, the sweetness of trust!



Rest my child.  Rest in Me.



I am pleased with your effort, now rejoice!




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  1. Devery

    Diane, what a sweet place, being in the Presence of the Lord, in His high places, most especially, during your time of such pain. “Hinds Feet On High Places”, by Hannah Hunnard, comes to mind, as it did with a story shared, sometime back. Perhaps this is a prompter to get together, summertime, with our WOF, and read that book, together. Nothing is sweeter than being with Him, after a difficult ascent, that we can be overflowing with joy, and rest in Him.

    1. Diane Petersen

      Thank you Devery. That book was the start of my deep surrender way back in the 80’s and I revisited it many times. Such a wonderful idea. . .Much Afraid was my name, and oh how I love the Hinds Feet my King has given me. Isn’t it wonderful how He equips us ahead of time for the Climb!

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