Morning Praises

“And each morning and evening they stood before the LORD to sing songs of thanks and praise to him.”  1Chronicles 23:30 NLT


A morning prayer…Would you like to join me?

 photo: Renae Bowman

Good morning Jesus!  As I awake and open the coverings of my windows, I sing your name above all names. Thank you for this day.  Thank you for all you will give to me today.  May I see that everything put before me will be a gift from you.  From the great and special moments, to the heartaches and trials I must face—may I see that everything in Your power will work together for my good.


Remind me constantly that I am here to be your humble servant, in whichever way you see fit for my life.  May I remain in you throughout these many hours and show others that You reign in this world.


Place upon me a giver’s heart.  To be your hands and feet so others may know your goodness.


Dear Jesus, may I constantly remember that You created the sun in the sky that gives me light…The air in the atmosphere that fills my lungs…the ground beneath my feet that keeps me stable…and the dark of night to give me rest.  This is Your world, thank you for putting me here. May I always praise You in every day.


“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118: 24.  NIV


Moon3 Raye Wortel


(I wonder what our days would be like if we started and ended the way that the Levites did, as written in Chronicles?  Before we dive into the busyness of each day, maybe we could handle what’s in front of us a little better when we begin with a praiseful mind.  I wonder how our hearts would be changed if we praise the One who gave us life every single day?  Just a thought.  Have a wonderful and blessed day from The Hope Filled Road.)


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  1. Monica Rojas

    Incredible words!! Is really inspiring and lovely! Thank you for those beautiful words! God bless you my lovely sister. <3

    1. Right back at you sister!! tks

  2. Lori Perez

    Wonderful prayer. I really think that if more people started their day off with a prayer like that those hard days would be more bearable. Love you my beautiful sister.

    1. Thank you Lori. Yes, prayer changes our outlook…we just need to do it more. Luv you, too.

  3. Carrie

    That was a wonderful prayer! Thank you for sharing it & allowing others to join you in such a amazing testament. I was writing in my journal on Saturday & wrote the same thing (not as eloquently) about the breath in my lungs, the sun that shines and warms my body & the nights that give me rest…I have also decided that I really need to be more obedient and not only end but start my days with prayer and devotion. I usually do but, sometimes I fall into being “too busy” as if there was such a thing as being too busy to give praise to God!! Thanks again – you guys are awesome 🙂

  4. Shirl

    Awwww… such a sweet blessing… both your morning praise and you! Have a wonderful and blessed day yourself my beautiful friend… Love you! xoxoxo

    1. Thank you so much Shirl! Miss chatting with you. Thank you for supporting us and stopping by.

  5. Vye

    Absolutely beautiful.. I just love your morning praise prayer.

    The blessing from our Lord shines brightly through those words. let us always give thanks and praise to Him for all we have been given.

  6. Cissy

    Our daily bread, and so much more! Thank you Renae. Love you, may God continue His work in you and through you.

    1. Better than toast with jam! Luv you too, thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed day.

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