Lord, Remember Me…

“Lord Almighty, if you will only look on your servant’s misery and remember me.” – 1 Samuel 1:11 NIV

photo: Raye Wortel

photo: Raye Wortel

I sat on my bedroom floor praying into the darkness with tears streaming down my face.


Lord, please don’t let their words be true. Vindicate me. Let me prove them wrong! So long we’ve tried, yet no child rests in our arms. What’s wrong with me? Am I not good enough? Perhaps I will be the terrible mother they say I’ll be…


“Lord, remember me.”


The prayer I prayed years ago, is echoed on the pages of 1 Samuel chapter one. Hannah was deeply loved by her husband Elkinah, but the Lord had closed her womb.


She was desperate to give her beloved a son, and be rid of the torment and ridicule she received year after year from Elkinah’s other wife Peninnah.


In her hour of desperation, she pleaded God would remember her.


Have you ever asked God to remember you?


Would you dare?


At first glance it may seem a bit arrogant, or even ignorant for Hannah to ask God to keep her in mind. Some would say he is too big or unreachable to involve himself in the trials of our small lives. Others may know him to be an ever-present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1), just not in THEIR troubles.


Sometimes our work, relationships, and dreams become “barren”, and the lies of the enemy convince us God isn’t mindful to any of it.


So we neglect to say…


“Lord, remember me.”


It’s not a reminder to a forgetful god, but rather a conviction of faith to the One who can truly set things right.


The Lord holds our misery in close care:


“You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.” – (Psalm 56:8 NLT)


Our tears are an outward expression of the refining work taking place on the inside. And though, at times, our despair feels forgotten, know that the only thing God chooses to forget are our sins (Hebrews 10:17).


God remembered Hannah, and blessed her with a son (1 Samuel 1:19-20). He removed her shame not because she was good enough, but because she knew to seek the faithfulness of our knowing God.

photo: Raye Wortel

photo: Raye Wortel


The Lord remembers his children.


He remembered me, and he’ll remember you.


Lord, remember me as I remember who YOU are.


My God of peace and love.

My Refuge in the storms.

My Rock upon which I stand.

The Hope from which all my joy flows.

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  1. Diane

    Love, love, love this. My tears in a bottle, with words recorded why those tears fell. Those uttered prayers with only cries, the movement of my lips with no sound. The gutt wrenching cry and His provedence that surrounds my silent screams. . .remember me! What a beautiful reminder that no matter what or where He is there with me. Thank you for the sweet reminder. . .God loves Me!

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