Inspire: Wholly God

“He has set eternity in the hearts of men.” Ecclesiastes 3:11 NIV


Is there something missing?

Do you feel that little “thing” that’s off-kilter?

Are you wondering, why is there a small sense of emptiness when everything else feels so full?

We were made that way!

The God who formed us, grew us, and gave us life—put a little tiny hole in our hearts, just for Him.

It’s a hole that no doctor can stitch up, no parent can smooth over, no loved one can make right—it’s simply a God-hole to be filled wholly by God.

God wants us to constantly search for Him.

He wants us to yearn and need and seek the closest possible connection we could have to Him. What better way to make that happen then to create a constant desire to be full?

Whichever season of life you are in, whichever day-to-day activities you do, whichever trials you face or successes you celebrate, there will always be incompleteness to your soul. And that is a good thing!

Seek Him who can find what is missing.

Seek Him who can make right the kilter.

Seek Him who can fill the emptiness.

Seek Him!

Study references: (click on each to be connected directly to bible verses)  Acts 17:24-28, Ecclesiastes 3:11, Isaiah 26:8, 1Chronicles 28:9, 1Kings 8:57-58

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  1. Carlotta Fischer

    Replying late. I had a day like that yesterday. I was accomplishing all the things that I had hoped to get done. Everything seemed to be falling in to place. At days end though, I was finding myself thinking that I was wishing I felt like I had actually done something more. Maybe I was realizing subconsciously that I had done all these things, but without really giving thought to Who was providing me with the energy and ability to succeed. I forgot to include Him in my thoughts and efforts. Forgot to say thank you while these things were being accomplished. I always thank Him at the end of my day, but most times don’t remember to thank Him at the moments of my achievements. Don’t know if this is what you were talking about exactly, but these were my thoughts at bedtime last night. Thanks for helping me have bigger thoughts.

    1. I think this is a great example of the God-sized hole in our hearts and soul. That we go through our days, our events, our routines and after it’s all said and done we simply want to say Thank You to the One who got us through. Maybe during the moments it slips our mind, but yes, this is what the words were about–that there is a desire in our hearts to draw closer to Him–even at the end of the day to simply say thank you. I pray for those that are searching for that “something” that you clearly already have in your life and heart…Jesus! Blessings to you Carlotta! Thank you for sharing.

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