A Lesson From My Vacuum Cleaner

“But as for me, it is good to be near God.  I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge;
I will tell of all your deeds.” – Psalm 73:28 (NIV)

Recently, I bought a new vacuum cleaner after the last one caught on fire (we’ll save that story for another day).  So far it’s done it’s job very well.  It sucks up tons of dirt, is fairly quiet, and has plenty of nifty attachments. The only drawback is the extender hose used for hard-to-reach places is too short.


When using the hose, I regularly forget to drag the base of the machine along with me, and since the hose is too short, the base falls over much of the time – usually onto my back or my foot.


In my more youthful and impetuous days, I would have been tempted to hurl the vacuum into the nearest tree just like my dad did when the yard equipment would frustrate him.  However, I’ve learned to just simply stay close to the ‘operating part’ of the vacuum.


Now I carefully drag it with me; never allowing it to get more than a few steps away.  It takes more work, and I don’t move as fast, but my time spent vacuuming has become a lot less painful.


I find my life with Jesus is very similar to my relationship with this vacuum.


I’ve learned I can never stray too far from my ‘base’.  He is my foundation, so I keep working to move by his side; staying in close contact with him.  At times, just like with the vacuum, I push my boundaries and try to go further on my own, and Jesus lovingly wraps me on my head, or my heart to get my attention.


When this happens, I remind myself that He who formed me, loves me, and is always working towards molding me into his likeness.


Sure, it takes more work to keep up this connection, and I find myself having to move more purposefully through my days, but I would rather live this way than go off on my own where I find my choices tend to get a lot more unpleasant.


Choosing to walk closely by Jesus’ side allows us to move forward knowing that his sacrifice on the cross gives us a hope we cannot otherwise know.


So the next time you find your vacuum cleaner giving you a hard time, don’t be tempted like me to throw it in a tree.  Take a moment and use it as a reminder to step closer to your ever-present, and ever-faithful God.  To draw energy from him, and to allow him to extract the dirt and junk from your life.


It takes more work, and our days may not always be pain-free, but clinging to our Foundation will allow him to cleanse and refine us, and ultimately bring us to a far more glorious place beyond this life.


Hope in Motion

    1. Read John 15:4.  Jesus tells us that we cannot bear fruit unless we remain in him.  What does bearing fruit mean to you?Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
    2. Jeremiah 23:23-24 tells us the Lord fills heaven and earth, and that there is no secret place we can hide from him.  Does this fill you with joy or fear?  Leave a comment below.
    3. What are the ways you draw near to God?  Share your ideas!

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  1. Lori Perez

    It brings me great joy when I remember that I have the Lord as my vine and that he is there always to nourish me so that I do bear fruit. I find myself many times pulling away from Him only to be knocked on the head to remind me that He is the only One and with out Him we can not grow. thank you for putting this in the devotional today. So far everyone that I have read makes me think how much I am blessed. I have wanted to not only throw the vacuum but the dishwasher and washa machine. Not that I could throw any of those things. I have hit them though. Thank God for you and Renae doing what you are doing.

    1. Lori you are so right! I’m grateful for God, and how he reminds me I can’t go through this life successfully without him. Isn’t it great to know you are not alone in your humanity whenever you feel like tossing an appliance? Amen, sister! Thank you for your comment!

  2. Karin

    For me the fruit in John 15:4 is ever changing depending on where I am in my life. For now it means peace amongst the chaos and moments of happiness when it would be so easy to be sad. My faith is being tested and I continue to chose Him – which is very valuable fruit indeed. Thank you Raye for this wonderful forum.

    1. The fruit that bears on the vine for ourselves gives us the strength to show God’s glory to others. He knows our pain, our doubts, and our fears. Remain in him, for he promises to bring about purpose and providence through it. God bless, Karin.

  3. Diane Petersen

    The challenge is to seek Him while the vacuum is running. . .there is solace even in the noise. Thank you Raye. . .beautiful word pictures!

    1. So true Diane! It is difficult to shut out the noise and commune with the Lord, even in the midst of housework. Thank you for your wise comment.

  4. Leslie Whitley

    I love the vacuum cleaner story! Can’t wait to hear about the one that caught on fire.

    What bearing fruit means to me is to stay connected to God and abiding in His Love. Share His word as fruit on a tree shares nourishment from it’s branches. It brings me joy to know that God is everywhere and there is no place to hide. God being in every thing I see keeps me drawn close to Him in so many ways. When I hear him the loudest, I’m in the quietest of places. Leslie

    1. “When I hear him the loudest, I’m in the quietest of places.” are beautiful words, and a great reminder to unplug, be still, and wait for him. Sharing God’s word is so important to remaining in him. We have to dig deep, and look for him in the context of our lives. Thank you for commenting Leslie!

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