“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”  Genesis 1:27 (NIV) 

“God saw all He had made, and it was very good…” Genesis 1:31a (NIV)



Just within view through the kitchen window, I catch the lavender plants, blooming in the bright sunlight.  The bees and butterflies are flying back and forth, taking from the flowers the life giving nectar that will sustain them. So many blooms, so much abundance;  the stalks bend downward back to the earth.


I set the last plate into the dishwasher, work my hands across the soft towel and retrieve just the right vase from the nearby cabinet.  Clippers in hand, I switch focus from chores to harvest.


I have been waiting for this day.  I have been waiting for the bulging blooms.  Beauty will remain outside as well as take its place inside.


I clip, prune, and fill the vase.  The aroma is overwhelming.  I inhale, taking a full breath of the sweet, gentle, distinct smell that only Lavender has.  I close my eyes and feel tranquility.




I thank God for this small, very small, glimpse of beauty.  Beauty—in the form of the small delicate blooms. Beauty—in the form of deep fragrance.


And God made it.


And He made me.


And He made you.


And we gaze upon the flowers and see the beauty, yet we gaze upon ourselves and see the flaws.  We gaze upon this human body and see the imperfections first and forget the perfection of the creation.


We forget the perfect Creator.


If we are made in His image, how much more perfect can we be?  How can I see a flower and call it beautiful, yet see the mirror and curse its’ image?   If we are “wonderfully and perfectly made”, than why do we think we have to be anything else?


It is a struggle of mine.  It may be a struggle of yours.  Imperfection is at the forefront.   Can I live with my imperfections?  I must. Can you?  Will you?  Can we lose weight, color our hair, paint our nails, tone-up a muscle or two, and still focus on the beauty of the creation?   I think I can.  Do we have to degrade ourselves through it all to make a point or can we exalt that we are a close second to what God looks like?   Even while we’re on the treadmill!


If God made a lavender bush so beautiful, than we must believe that He made us so much more.





  1.  I have a challenge for us.  Are you willing?   Cut, pick, prune, or buy just a single flower–any type, any  weed, any form that  has a bloom, but just one.  Put it in a vase, put it somewhere you will see it often.  This single flower will be a reminder that although it is beautiful, God sees you as much, much more.  Others will see a single flower, but we will know the lesson we are learning.  As you delight in the bloom, remind yourself that God is looking upon you with the same delight.   Let’s do this–ok?  A simple flower may speak volumes to our self-image.
  2. Tell another woman today, any woman–even a stranger, that she is beautiful (after all, she is your sister). You will make her day!
  3. I would  love to hear feedback on your thoughts of this post and our connection to nature’s beauty. We women need to start reminding ourselves (and each other) just how beautiful we are–and it has NOTHING to do with hair style, clothes, shoes, makeup, body size–the list can go on and on.


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  1. Cissy

    Thank you for the reminder that we are wonderfully made…how marvelous are His works! As time goes by and the aging process continues to “march right across my face”, I am much more aware of my imperfections! But like the aloe vera plant with its bloom and hard shell I am happy to consider that I too have on the inside some goodness to offer and not focus on my outside flaws…God created us both didn’t he? Renae you are beautiful!

    1. Cissy, you are so right–our focus on the outside flaws should always take a backseat to our inside beauty. I find it interesting how you use the example of an Aloe Vera plant. Why? Because, the internal makeup of that plant gives us some of the most soothing and healing product around. Isn’t that what we are called upon to give to others–soothing, healing words instead of insults? Thank you so much for this example! No matter how fast age marches across your face, your beauty will ALWAY comes through. Thank you for stopping by and thank you for leaving a comment. It is important to us to hear feedback. Blessings!!

  2. Lori Perez

    while I am reading this I think of the problems that I have had with self look. I know that sometimes those feelings come back and I hate myself for them. Reading about the WEEDS and then reading about beauty is a wonderful combo. Most of the time I feel like I look like a WEED instead of the flower that God has created. I am going to try really hard these next few days to see the beauty that the Lord has given me instead of the WEED that I think that I am. Need lots of prayers for this because with me it is not easy. I see so much beauty in everyone else except myself. thank you again for writing about this.

    1. We’ll keep praying for you! I think as you saturate yourself with the Word, comfort and peace can take the place of self-doubt. That’s the Hope that we are talking about. It’s not about you having to “try harder”, it is about seeing yourself as a Masterpiece that the Creator made. When we shift our focus to that prism, our beauty becomes something so much more than the external. Thank you for your kind words and stopping by. (Find yourself a flower to gaze upon for awhile and let us know how it goes). Blessings to you! (beautiful woman)

  3. Sheila Sanchez

    Thank you Renae for this wonderful post. I will do the things you have asked us to do today. As women I think that we forget that who we are inside is what shows on the outside no matter the size or our clothes. If our hearts are full of love and care that’s who people see us as. I think we have all had those days when we are thinking we look the worst and yet someone will pay us a compliment and we are surprised by it. Our inner beauty, confidence and peace are coming through! As a women close in age to 60 I can now see myself different then I did in my 20’s or 30’s, I have excepted who I am. Although I am working everyday to be a little thinner, for health reasons I have come to realize the shape of my body DOES NOT define who I am! I hope others who are younger will learn this lesson sooner then I did and realize that you too are perfect just as you are. Thanks again, Sheila

    1. Thank you Sheila for stopping by the post and chatting. Your words ring true. That inner beauty, confidence, and peace you write about is the direct gift and reflection from the One who made us. That is what we are called to expel to others. As he wraps the flowers in layers of beauty, so He wraps us. Have a wonderful and beauty filled day!

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