All Hail The Mamas!

“She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.” Proverbs 31:26 NIV




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This is a shout out to all the mothers out there. Whether you have youngins at your feet, angry teenagers closed up in their room, young adults making their way, or grown adults with their own families…you moms rock!!


But of course you already knew that.


And your influence?


Well, if you’re wondering…your actions do matter, your words are heard.


Want an example?


One of the most prolific chapters in the Bible for women was actually influenced by a mom through her son.


No, I’m not talking about Mary—Jesus’ mother (although I’d say she did a pretty good job!), I’m talking about an unnamed mom who through her influence has inspired millions upon millions of women, simply because she taught her son some very important virtues.


Proverbs 31. Read it. You won’t be disappointed. (a click on the words will take you there)


I love how it starts out:

The sayings of King Lemuel—an inspired utterance his mother taught him.” Proverbs 31:1 NIV


That’s it.

That’s all we know about this woman.

Unnamed, faceless, obscure.


But what an impact she had on her son!

What an impact she has had on this world!

God made sure her words would be printed in the greatest book ever written.

I’d say her influence was pretty important.


And that’s my point for all the mamas out there.


How often do you feel obscure?

How often do you feel faceless?

How often do you feel like an unnamed person moving through this life?


I bet she did at times.


But look at what she did!


She was simply a mama. She merely taught her son to do right and avoid the wrong. She leaned him away from going with the crowd when everyone said it’s the way of the world. She taught him to forgo being drunk. She taught him to forgo being promiscuous. She taught him to forgo instant pleasure. She taught him to put others first.   She taught him to be a king and about a King! And when that wasn’t enough, she pointed out what a virtuous woman was. Not a snotty woman, but one who would see life differently and put aside selfish ways. One who puts God above everything else.


That is all she did!  Seems somewhat insignificant but it surely wasn’t.


And I bet, actually I double bet, that some of you have done the same thing. My gut says so many of you have done this and are doing this right now. And I triple bet it’s been a struggle at times—a struggle that puts you into the feeling of obscurity.


But don’t.


Our influences on our children aren’t seen right now.

Our influences on our children aren’t measured with a ruler.

Our influences may never come to light in our lifetime.


But they will. Oh they will.


Ask King Lemuel.


A simple mother who filled her son’s mind and heart with the truths. A mom who used life to point out what would harm him and what would keep him safe.


And I don’t think for one second this was a sit down, take notes, look-me-in-the-eyes kind of one day teaching. No, I may be taking liberty here, but moms’ wisdoms don’t happen that way–I don’t think her’s did either. You all know when they happen. They happen when you’re holding a forehead during times of sickness. They happen when their anger is raging at you and you respond in kind. They happen when you dry their eyes in troubled times. They happen when questions come up and you choose to tell them the Truth, The Way and The Life. That’s when the influence comes. That’s when the ears hear.


Mamas, don’t lose hope!

If you’re just starting out, seek the Word for guidance above all.

If you’re in a battle right now, hang on to the truths you know.

If your kids have moved on and away, rest in what you taught them.

If you have regrets, start anew.


An inspired utterance his mother taught him.” Could there be any more powerful words showing what influence you have?


Young or old, your children will never stop learning from you. Your only choice in the matter is what you will teach them. May I suggest the Word be your guide? For God saw fit to use the last Proverb in His Bible to discuss the greatness of women. I’d say we have the makings of some profound influence.

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  1. Julie

    Thank you for this. A good reminder of what an investment we are making in our kids. One diaper change at a time! Ha

    1. Lol Julie–so true, so true!
      Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Paige Sanders

    I just have to say that this was a God send. Thank you for speaking this truth. God sure has perfect timing. I needed to hear this more than ever. You and Raye are so amazing and I look forward to reading every week. I’m in the trenches right now with my 13yr old son and I’ve been having a very very hard time. Reading this makes me feel that I’m not alone and as always God will always let us know one way or another that he is right there with us. So Thank you for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit which I know you and Raye always are. Thanks Again!!

    1. You’re welcome Paige! I just love how devotionals are so timely at times. As you said, its a Godsend. Hang in there mama, better days are ahead. Stick to the Truth you know and the rest will fall into place. You DO matter and ears are hearing.

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