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“I am the Lord, and there is no other; apart from me there is no God.” Isaiah 45:5


I have to claim defeat.  I have to give in to another person being able to say to me, “I told you so!”


Those have to be some of the sourest words to these ears.  Oh, they taste good leaving my mouth, but are the worse in reverse.


Seems I didn’t listen to good advice about a month ago during that girls trip to the county fair that I told you all about. One person in the midst of the group (my oldest sister) warned me against  falling for a product.


There were these new fangled lids that go on anything. They’re made out of some flexible rubbery material that stretches beyond stretch. The premise is you can use them on any shaped item and they seal better than plastic wrap.  In fact, the whole sales pitch was about scrapping the wrap and saving bundles of money to limit waste.


So, I was the first to step forward and dole out my $10 for a multi-pack; like a lemming to a cliff.  Got them home, used them a few times and now they are in my junk drawer. Ugh. I’ve pulled, stretched, wiped, dried—all that the instructions said to do, but they ain’t working!  In fact, I’ve sent a few items sailing across the counters, like rubber bands, all the while resorting back to the good ol’ plastic wrap while I curse under my breath for wasting money.  My sister was right!



Photo by Renae Bowman



This experience really made me think of how we often fall for the latest and greatest in just about everything—including God.  Or should I say, gods.


The Old Testament is riddled with the gods of the past.  Those people worshipped different gods for different things in their lives. The Bible explains many.  And the archeological finds support these writings. From images on tombs to words on scrolls, the people of the old times followed just about anything.  Boy, they had some crazy ideas.


And here we are today, much smarter and wiser. Certainly we have come farther than that in 4000 years.  That’s a long time to weed out the ridiculous and know what is real.


Or have we?


Elephants with multiple trunks, or the likeness of a woman with serpents all around her head, or a funny faced cat—some believe those are the way to eternity.  Maybe 4000 years hasn’t really been enough time?


But come on, not us here in a first-world country who have some of the most intelligent humans on the planet.  Nope.  We are sensible.  We don’t fall for that kind of crazy talk…




Wasn’t there a book out a few years back about a “secret?”  Supposedly the author had life’s answers for us all.  The message was put out good vibes and goodness will come back to you.  Or how about the whole “self-realization” movement?  The new age of belief—there really isn’t just one god—you are a god and in control of your universe, just seek out the connection of everything and be happy.  Mother nature?  Well, she certainly has her place in the ol’ god realm.  Take care of her and she will take care of us, just hug a tree.


“Listen to me, O family of Jacob, Israel my chosen one! I alone am God, the First and the Last.” Isaiah 48:12 NIV


I think the timeless statement says it all,  “there’s nothing new under the sun.”  So true!  Yet, from the Roman times to today, the argument has been heard, “The God of Abraham, Moses, David—even Jesus—come on, that’s all old belief.  Surely, there are more modern views of God.”  Funny, they said that then and they’re still saying it today. Yet all those gods that took their place in the kings’ tombs are as gone as the dust of those times.  And so will our modern day beliefs be.


“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10 NIV


My sister was wise that day.  She could see I was falling for the latest and greatest and tried to warn me.   May I offer up some good ol’ plastic wrap to you today…

God was, God is, and God will always be.


Don’t be a sap like me and fall for anything less.  Stick with what is real.  Stick with what is true.  Stick with what has been proven.  Give Him your heart.  Give Him your life.




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  1. Chrissy Pollard

    Thanks for the great writing Renae. Just a hint, have you tried warming up your “fits all containers perfectly” lids in the microwave before “trying” to fit them on containers? Good luck and God bless <3

    1. Thank you Chrissy. No I haven’t tried the warm-up method, I’ll have to see if it helps. Thanks for stopping by!

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