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Have you ever stood in a group when a teacher asked for a volunteer?


You look to the left and to the right, waiting to see who has the courage to step out and take on the mission.  The details of what’s expected are barely there, but there’s always one who jumps at the chance to blindly pave the way.  As this eager person presents themselves for the task, you let out a long breath knowing you’ve been spared.  You’re neck is safely tucked on your shoulders, but when you turn around, you see the teacher looking right at you.


With an outstretched hand, the teacher invites you to come forward.


You are chosen to share a story.  Many stories really, on how you’ve arrived on this road, and why hope is so important.  Where do you begin?  Your throat suddenly seems quite small, but you feel the teacher’s gentle hand on your shoulder, and you start to believe what you have to say just might touch someone else, and hope flows.


We arrived on this road because the events, challenges, and trials of our lives have shown us that we need the Teacher on the Holy Highway.  His unfailing love, abundant grace, and perfect character teach us that we are more than what we think, and hope is the fuel to living a life sustained by him.


We are here to serve, to share, and encourage you to seek and find the hope he promises.  Our passion – our mission is that you live each day confidently knowing the hope he has called you to.


Join the journey, take the road, and together let’s make hope flow.

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  1. Jackie Wortel

    So happy this journey has started! You’ve always inspired my children and myself, looking forward to sharing your faith and hope, love you!

  2. I am so delighted to be reading along with everyone. Hope springs from the One who loves us the most, and I’m excited to know Him better along with all of you. (and I’m very proud of my Aunt Raye. <3)

    1. Steph, I’m so pleased to have you as a fellow traveler! May HOPE spring for you today, I love you.

  3. Rhonda Ladd

    Looking forward to taking the journey with Hope.

    1. Welcome! So glad you’re here.

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