“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’”  2 Corinthians 12:9 NIV



“I know exactly what you’re feeling.”

“Oh, I’ve been there.”

“I know how it hurts.”

“I know that pain.”


I can now join the throngs of people that say these words to another, when a loved one dies.  I can now say to those friends that I share their pain, I share their doubts, and I share their emptiness.  I know what they are going through. Up until a few weeks ago, I wasn’t able to.


For the past two weeks, I have been immersed in the details of loss.  I have been by the sides of my sisters, and mom, as we tackle the challenges of handling everything about my father’s passing. To say I’ve cried an ocean of tears is an understatement. Throw in the viewing of old pictures, mulling over memories, and listening to songs for the memorial, the toll has been tough on all of us.  The busyness is coming to an end and then the silence will begin.


To our readers, I am not full of spunky encouragement or happy words right now, and for that I apologize.  For those of you stopping by The Hope Filled Road for uplifting thoughts, I know I have let you down.  I am sorry.  I do have joy in my heart, but my happiness has waned for a short time.


But what I can say to you is something that I have been very in tune with over the past week.  It is the verse written above.  Yes, both Raye and I have referenced this verse a few times in the past, yet once again it has given me comfort.


God told Paul that in our weakness, God’s power is made perfect.


And I have lived that this past couple of weeks. God’s power was made perfect one more time in my life.  In all of this grief, in all of this pain, in all of these tears, the power of God was revealed.




Through Jesus’ life.


I remembered that Jesus felt the same pain as I have been feeling.  He cried when others died.  He hurt when loved ones were lost.  He grieved like I am doing.  And that is where God’s power is made perfect—he understands. He is not an unreachable god like so many seek to follow.


Our God, the God who gave us all life, came to earth and lived a life like we live. He hurt like we hurt.  He suffered pain, like we do.  He was real.  He is real.  He will forever be real. And that has taken my weakness and made God that much more powerful.


I know my heart is heavy right now.  My pain is about loss.  But maybe you’re at a place of pain too; Different source, but still painful.


A lost relationship

A financial hardship

Abandoned by those you love

Physical ailments

Promises not kept



Each and every one of those, and more, Jesus experienced in his earthly life. That is why this faith, this following of Christ is real.  God sent his Son as a man, and in that he experienced every aspect of our lives.


So when you wonder if God knows what you’re going through, try to hear the words in response that I too am listening for:


“I know exactly what you are feeling.”

“Oh, I’ve been there.”

“I know how it hurts.”

“I know that pain.”



And in our weakness, his power is revealed.


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  1. Devery

    Strong, Sweet Renae,
    Please don’t apologize, Sister, for what you think you are not giving us, for what we are experiencing, through your painful sharing, is a woman who is able to immerge, from death’s dark door, by Christ’s strengthening. You are a living example of being able to overcome the worst, deep wound, though still battered by the loss, to give to others….to become one with them…..compassionate in your understanding, sharing your closeness with Christ, that we may have that hope, also, of His ever present help. We’ll never forget our loved ones, both our time with them, and now, our time apart, but when Jesus is our center, there IS healing for our heart!

  2. Diane

    Thank you. Simply stated, but powerfully related. Time is now your friend. . .somewhat of a disappointment to me at first until I realized it would take time to learn to accept the silence. The stillness, the loss, the missing person at the table, at parties, holidays, all of it. Missing. It hurts and I ache so much for what was, but alas, God is faithful to come and be with me through it. Gently, softly he tends to my wound and begins to lift my face to His and weep with me. It was never His plan, death. Never. He shares with me over and over again how perfect heaven is and that in that place is pure joy. They, our loved ones, now know perfect joy.

    Thank you for reminding me of how close my Lord has been in the last year and a half. I am praying for your heart and also that in those times you will sense His closeness and tears He weeps with you. That is Holy Spirit comfort.

  3. Karen Uribe

    God Bless you Renae, I will be lifting you and yours in prayer. Thanks for sharing from your heart

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