To Clean or Not To Clean

“For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great his is love for those who fear him.”

Psalm 103: 11


It is our turn to host my side of the family’s Christmas Eve festivities.  We’re talking upwards of 35+ people for dinner. You know what that means–planning, prepping, decorating, cooking–the list is long.


As I strolled around my house, making note of everything I need to get done before the day arrives, I saw something that caused me to pause.  It jumped out at me like a beacon in the night since I hadn’t taken notice in a long time—but plain as day now…stains on the carpet.  Not many, but just a little one here and a little one in another room, and a small one over there.  Not that noticeable to the one who walks over them everyday, but now glaring big as I specifically look.

The question entered my mind, do I call the carpet cleaning company and schedule an appointment now, or do I forgo it until after the gathering in case more stains show up?  It is a question I thought of for most of a day.  The conclusion? Drum roll please…..I’m waiting till after the gathering.




Now, I know some of you are taking a gasp, wondering why in the world would I not make it spotless before the party, but you would have to know my family to understand.  They won’t care about a few spots on the carpet, nor would the stains change their opinion of me.  Love doesn’t see the stains.




God doesn’t care about stains; He cares about the gathering.


The carpet question reminded me of my walk with our Creator.  Before I became a Christ-follower, I had many, many, many stains in my life.  Stains that caused me shame. Stains that caused me pain. Stains that kept my house from being the gathering place of the Trinity.  There was no way I was going to let them in when I had that dirty of a carpet. I had to clean the spots first before the door would ever be opened. Or so I thought….


Then God revealed to me, like He does to every other person who opens the door—there is no possible way the stains can be cleaned first.  In fact, it is like using those worthless products that promise removal but never can.  Stains, shame, sins–they cannot be removed without the great Cleaner.  So why try?


God’s Word reassures us of his promise to accept us and love us, no matter what.  It takes an act on our part to say “yes.”  And when we do, a miracle happens; our stains are removed.  Oh, they may still be there in our memory every now and then, but the Homeowner doesn’t see them like we do. They fade into the background.


My Abba says to me, “Daughter, I don’t see your stains, I Love you, I merely want to come gather with you and be with you always.”   You know he says those words to you, too, right?


While making my decision whether to clean or not to clean, I had to think about the guest list.  If it was full of strangers or acquaintances, of course I would have cleaned it, by all means I wouldn’t want my guests to think I keep a dirty house.  I would want everything spotless before they arrived.  But my guest list isn’t full of strangers—it is a complete list of family, loved ones, and kindred souls.


Question is,how do you view God on your guest list?   Acquaintance or family?


Love doesn’t see the stains.


  1.  Psalm 103:12. This bible verse has caused many a person to wonder what it means–and is it even true. Does it give you hope?
  2. Can you see the difference between verse 13 and verse 11 in Psalm 103:11-13?  Some see it as the same, but I think it is different. Do you see it?  I would love to hear your take on it and see if it’s just me.  (I’ll wait till the end of the day to reveal what I see after you all let me know your thoughts).
  3. Ponder this week the question I posed above–How do you view God? Acquaintance or Family? The answer truly means everything.

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  1. Lori Perez

    I see it as the same and different. I think it depends on the way you read it. Verse 13 talks about your earthly father first when in verse 11 only talks about your Heavenly Father. I had to really sit and think about that question you asked. I am ashamed to say that many times I see our Heavenly Father as an acquaintance and not Family. Not intensoinally though

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