Think about it…

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the Lord” 

Isaiah 55:8



I was having a spastic morning.  One of those days where my thoughts were racing faster than my body could process.  One of those days when I had a thousand things to do, and only a short window to get them done.  I couldn’t keep focus on my to-do list.


For example, in the midst of finishing my grocery list, I needed to use my cellphone.  I searched and searched and couldn’t find it.  I had walked through every room in my house (including the bathroom—you just never know) at least two times, and could not find it.  I resorted to picking up the home phone and calling the cell.  Then my chest started ringing!   I forgot I had put the phone in my bra while I was out on my morning walk (no pockets in my yoga pants).   Not sure what scared me more—hearing the ring, or realizing I had a foreign object stuffed in my shirt and didn’t even notice it!


And it gets better.  When I went to use the cellphone (after I peeled it off my skin) I knew I needed glasses to see the screen.  I grabbed the cheaters from the kitchen-counter and tried to put them on—but they wouldn’t go on.  Why not?   Because I already had a pair of glasses on!!


Then I hit the grocery store, with list in hand.

If someone was following my movements from those tinted windows upstairs, they would have seen a caged rat going back and forth through the aisles, as if in a maze at a hundred miles an hour.  I usually take pride in how organized I am when I hit the store…in and out in a jiffy—but not that day.  If I grabbed a bag of flour, I then moved to the canned goods, then realized I missed the cake mixes, which is where?  That’s right, right next to the flour.  And so this went on for an hour…from vegetables to dairy, back to meats, over to dry goods, and so on.   Good gracious, I couldn’t keep a straight thought to save my soul, even with a list, and I burned out a good set of cart tires in the process!


Have you had these days?  Have your thoughts been so scattered that it takes every ounce of focus to put it all in its right order?  And even then, you know you’ve left something out.


Our verse today gives me ABSOLUTE comfort, joy, and hope.  It should for you, too.


His thoughts are not my thoughts; His ways are not my ways!   Can I get a hallelujah and amen on that one?


Just the one day I described to you should give us all comfort that our Sovereign Lord has thoughts and ways that we cannot even comprehend.  Isn’t that a great thing?   Who wants a deity that can get all messed up because they have had too much caffeine?


God—,all-powerful, all-knowing, Creator of all, doesn’t have days like I described.  Yet, sometimes don’t we bring God down to our level to try to understand Him?  Let’s be honest, I think we all do.  We imagine God in our type of reality, more times than not.  I think some won’t give their hearts and minds over to Him because of this.   They have brought him down to their level and come away with the thought that He is useless because their barometer, if you will, is based on their ways.


I’ve been at that place!  I used that measuring scale.  And I know there are some of you there right now.  But give it some thought that the barometer you are using to make that judgment is askew from knowing the true measurements.


I for one hold on to the verse that I wrote.  If for no other reason, that it gives me comfort and hope, in knowing that God’s thoughts don’t get screwy.  His plan is in motion, His thoughts are higher than our greatest computer can ever be, and in all of that, He still cares about every hair on my head…on your head.   If you ever have one of those spastic kind of days, take comfort that the One at the helm doesn’t lose His cellphone, forget His glasses, or turns a shopping trip into a marathon–He simply Is and will always be.


  1. Isaiah 55: 6-11 puts God in perspective to our place in life.  Give it a look over and see what you come away with.
  2. If you are on the fence and want to chat or receive some prayers in making a decision to accept Jesus into your life, respond in the “contact us” section found in the tabs on the homepage.  There, you will have a discreet line of conversation with just Raye and I—different from the comments section.
  3. And if any of you have an encouraging word on your heart, please leave a comment below. You don’t realize how others are gaining from those comments.  We receive the feedback that proves this!







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  1. Lori Perez


    1. AMEN, Sister!!! Thanks 😉

  2. Devery Wright

    Have you ever put a cylinder, like a paper towel core, up to your eye, and pretended you had a spy glass, bringing into focus, those things far away? In reality, the sight is very limited, blocking the whole vision, for a portion, to bring into focus, something specific. This is a good illustration of what we do with our lives, and problems, and fears, and hopes, and wants, and wishes, and frustrations, and faith….and even, our God. This is how we make Him small, or conceive Him to be on our level, because we believe He sees, and functions, within the vision of our focused looking glass. HE IS ABLE, instead, of taking care of not only what we see, but also the whole of what He created, for He loves us. “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you, and not harm you, “delares the LORD”, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

    1. Love the Jeremiah verse! Thanks Devery for some sound words of Truth. Thank you for stopping by and hanging out.

  3. Diane

    To know and really know His Ways are not My ways allows me to just be inferior. My dangersous side is in thinking I may just once not be. There is my maze . . . .humbling to say the least. You make me feel so normal today. Thank you for being so real and for making me laugh. I needed to laugh! That is how God meets me in my inferiority!He says can we just laugh today! Beats crying. Love you guys!

    1. “Allows me to be inferior”. Love that. This world says everyday NOT to be inferior, to be the tops, the best, the highest–but oh how we aren’t up against the One who gave us life. Thanks for those words. I am glad you got a laugh today, we need it on a regular basis–don’t we?! Thanks Diane.

  4. Lori West

    Renae, what a great reminder. We do try to put God in a box, use Him like a wishing well, and and keep Him at arms distance so that we can control our day and life. It is amazing when you surrender each part of of your life to Him how He takes care of every detail. Even details you don’t think about or in ways that are so much better than you could have ever imagined. He really is so much bigger, greater, holier, and more powerful than we can ever imagine!

    1. Yes, Yes!! True words Lori. Our pastor references our description of God as a vending machine. If you press A2 you try to get what you want. If it isn’t in the display, many walk away to another “machine.” WE have changed the view of God around. Thanks for your comment!!

  5. Cissy

    Hey there, This is not Cissy, it’s Mike. I know (I think I know) that this is pretty much a “chick” site so no need to post my reply but I had to comment. I was almost in tears crackin’ up with the visual of your day. The cell phone, the glasses and especially the reference to being like a caged rat burning out a good set of cart tires. Been there done that. It’s really embarrassing when after scurrying through the maze I have to go back in and get the 1 thing I forgot, and then go back in a third time for the other thing I forgot, making sure of course not to go through the same checker line and really look like an idiot, pulling my hat down low and leaving my sunglasses on…..

    THANK GOD He never forgets any items He wants for us, He list for us is always complete because He knows what we need. Here’s the HALLELUJAH and AMEN for “His thoughts not being my thoughts and His ways are not my ways. ”

    You are so right, it wasn’t until I approached God at the feet of His throne, not bringing Him down to mine, that His awesome power and love for me became real. I join you in prayer that if anybody while reading your post feels the touch of God, that they just raise their hands to Him and feel His gentle pull as He lifts them up. He is calling to us. Does anybody out there feel they are [the thing] for which He sent it?

    Isa 55:11 So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper [in the thing] for which I sent it.

    Love you so much.

    1. AMEN to you, too brother! Thanks for stopping in and giving us great words of encouragement. When we view the Throne of a position of being a servant, our lives change dramatically–for the good.
      (Soon, there will be a “manly” post for all those husbands, brothers, sons–that peek into this Road. You all certainly need words of Hope, too.) Thanks for stopping by.

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