The Line: A Poem for Mamas

For all our Mamas out there.

May the Lord continue to refresh, strengthen, and work in you all you need to flourish in your ministry of motherhood.

The Line

by Raye Wortel

My heart cried for kids,
that much was true.
Then kids came,
and I didn’t have a clue.

People and book,
Said follow this line.
Do what we say,
Perfection you’ll find.

So I tried what they said,
But what came to mind?
My kiddies liked circles,
But never the line.

Should I leave them to chance,
Like a whirlwind fly?
My mind thought it easy,
But my heart said “lie.”

Weary on weary,
I fell to my knees.
I cried to the One,
“Jesus, if you please.”

This world has no answers,
Alone, You I’ll trust.
Teach me Your ways,
I’ll do what I must.

With grace so full,
You molded me.
Showed me Your line,
And taught me to see.

Mamas are best,
When You are the Way,
Strength is born,
If in the shadow of wings do we stay.

So at Your feet,
I choose to come.
For glory and praise,
And all You have done.

And as the years pass,
I’ll teach them much more.
I’ll speak of Your love,
And the narrow door.

I’ll tell them of hope,
Faith and trust too.
And how nothing succeeds,
Apart from You.

I’ll show them the line,
To connect them to You.
Your Word has the power,
God-breathed and true.

Help me, Lord,
To raise them with love.
To sing “Hallelujah!
Live for your Father above!”

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  1. Pam

    Beautiful poem, Raye! As mothers, we can all related to the tremendous responsibility we feel to do the job right, and raise up our children to love The Lord. Thankfully, we realize over time that we can plant the seeds and do the best we can, but God has His own plan, and it’s usually much better than we imagine!

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