“In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost.”  Matthew 18:14 NIV



We grabbed a cart near the front entrance and entered the bowels of Costco.  It was a treat to have my husband along since it was a last minute decision to pick up a few things.  That would be the only good thing about the morning, since the shopping trip would end in pure disaster and sadness.


I grabbed this item and that item and worked our way around the store in lightening speed.  It wasn’t one of those trips where I ogled over the new season furniture or the latest stretch pants.  It was a get in-get out trip.


Somewhere around the freezer section, my morning changed.


As I put a package of frozen fish into the cart, I suddenly realized my wedding ring was gone.  I took a double take at my finger and nothing was there. I turned to my husband and in a panic held up my hand and said, “it’s gone!”   I said it again, “my ring is gone!!”


We instantly tore through the shopping cart, turned my purse inside out, checked every pocket of my jeans…but no ring!  Leaving my husband behind, I started a mad dash back to each place I stopped.  At each freezer, each bin, each open box, I frantically pushed and pulled items to the side in search of the ring.  Nothing!  With each place I went, the tears welled up in my eyes.  My heart was racing and the sadness of the loss was setting in.


I finally saw an employee and approached him.  It must have been all over my face because he asked, “are you ok?”  When I uttered the words, “I’ve lost my wedding ring!” my tears flowed.  Hearing the words that I lost my precious, precious gift from my husband, made my heart ache.  The sign of love that he slipped on my finger so many years ago was gone.  The endless circle of metal that feels as right on my hand as anything is in this world, was no longer there. No other ring we could buy to replace it would ever be THE ring he used to say we were bonded for life.   I stood there and sobbed into my hands that covered my face.  The hurt was beyond words. The sadness cut deep.


All I could do was leave my information with the manager.  It was nowhere to be found.  My husband could not console me.  His gentle words of promises for a new ring did not comfort me.  My ring.  MY ring.  My dear, treasured symbol of the love of our union was gone.



Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings



The ride home was difficult.



And then the phone rang.


And on the other end was the manager who said the ring was found.  I could not stop crying!  The sobs flowed heavier with joy, than they did with the sadness. And when I reached out to the manager to take hold of my ring, I couldn’t express my joy enough.  And because the person who found it refused to leave their information, I could not thank them with all the gratitude they deserved.


And on the way home, in more tears, I thought of a story Jesus told.


The parable of a woman who had ten coins but lost one.  She lit lamps, swept her house, and frantically looked for that one coin.  Even though she still had nine left, all of her actions were for that one.  All of her anxiety was in searching for that one coin.  And when she found it, she rejoiced so much her neighbors joined her.  A bit extreme for a coin, wouldn’t you say?  If that was what the story was about…


But Jesus added something:

“In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”


Have you ever been so frantic and sad over losing something?  Our Lord weeps when we are lost.  He runs frantically after us, like me in that store, searching and searching…and then weeps more when we are not there.  He weeps because His precious creations that He designed, and gave life to, often times stay lost.  I knew that pain.


But in the parable, we get a glimpse of what happens when we return.  Joy!  Extreme joy!  So much so, that the angels rejoice!  I knew that joy.


Just as my tears of joy surpassed my tears of anguish, I understood Jesus’ story even more. May we be the children of God that causes Him to weep with elation, instead of sobs of sadness because we refuse to be found.


My story had a happy ending.


Will yours?


Heaven is waiting to rejoice over you.



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  1. Monica Rojas

    <3 Im still crying! Wow.,,it touched my heart and that's so true, all the angels are so happy went someone is turn from sin. I loved your personal story and that's so true when we lost something and we never found it,,, is sad. But when the item is found, is a double rejoice for us.. I do imagine God so happy for a sinner who repented. Thank you so much,,, love and respect,,,, Monica Rojas <3 God bless you

    1. Thank you Monica! Yes, I too imagine the rejoicing and exalting when hearts turn to him. I remember the day I gave my life–I try to think of the party heaven was having—just for me! Thank you for stopping by and chatting.

  2. Chrissy

    Wow! I am crying just reading about this story. I believe that we are all written in God’s Book UNTIL He, has to erase our name because we never wanted to be with Him in the first place. I can only imagine His pain when He must let His loved daughter go into hell forever. I pray that there are MANY more daughters who will say yes to their Heavenly Husband and receive His golden, ring of words around their hearts, “I loved you SO much that I died for you. Trust Me. We’ll have the endless circle of eternity together.”

    1. Nicely said Chrissy. Thank you for that addition. Yes, I pray that all His daughters who we are connected to hear the words and surrender their hearts. Thank you for stopping by.

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