Jealousy Meets Love

Let us not become conceited, or provoke one another, or be jealous of one another. Galatians 5:56 NLT

photo: Raye Wortel

photo: Raye Wortel

For years I’ve worked, pouring my heart into to the game. I’ve ached. I’ve cried. And I’ve ridden the roller-coaster of triumph and trial.


I’ve laid bare my soul – scattering it across the floor. Only to sweep it, like rubble, into a corner at the end of the day.


I’ve prayed for courage to meet me in my tomorrows, and give me strength to start again.


Faithfully, tomorrow dawns and with it comes the thread to stitch my soul with perseverance. Will it hold? I’m not sure, but I know I must go on.


And just when I think my stitchings will hold – in she walks.


It’s more than a walk really -it’s a graceful stride filled with beauty, confidence, skill, and wisdom.


And I hate her for it.


Without effort, her words and deeds become far more than anything I have yet to conjure.


I whisper dark thoughts under my breath, and plead angrily with the Lord. Why God? How many dues must I pay? How long must I drag my broken frame through the valley?


I burn at the unfairness of it all.


Pride, judgement, and envy become my friends on the bench. I watch from the sidelines secretly hoping she’ll flounder and fail.


I’m angry she’s there – playing, and I’m here on the fringe. But my time on the side has given me a perspective I didn’t quite expect.


I realize we are on the same team, playing for the same prize. We share a love for the game. She, like me, sweats and bleeds for the cause.


Yes, she’s a natural, and I am not. But that doesn’t mean she is more, and I am less.


God has called me to this point not to show off what I can do, but rather what HE can do through me.


I thought my job was to play the game.


Now I know it’s an exercise in dependence and trust – not on myself – of which I’m already an expert, but on the Lord.


I’ve longed for some kind of order and peace in my work, but jealousy and self ambition have delivered just the opposite.


“For wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and evil of every kind.” James 3:16 NLT


Jealousy is a base emotion that’s been around since Satan convinced Eve to covet the Knowledge that was not hers to have. She took action to satisfy her ambition to become like God, and our world has known disorder and evil ever since.


Almost without notice, we slip on the veil of jealousy and envy – complaining and judging each other’s efforts. How do we protect ourselves from this slippery slope?



photo: Raye Wortel

photo: Raye Wortel

Love them for who they are, and what they do. Celebrate that they, and their “greatness” are a part of the same team you’re on. Honor their abilities and LEARN from them instead of criticizing and wanting to be a duplicate of them.


Rejoice in the place where YOU stand, and know God put you there. You are his masterpiece. A creation that’s slowly unfolding to reveal a child of the Lord who is a vessel of his Glory.


Let us not be overrun with jealousy, but…


“Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the flesh.” Romans 13:14 NIV


Jealousy in LOUSY!


What have you done to overcome jealousy? How have your actions improved a situation or a relationship? Let’s chat, I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Paige

    I have lived for a very long time in my past with insecurity that would always turn into jealousy! Now that I look back on where The Lord has taken me out of it looked and felt like I was in a cage!! Thank u Jesus for the freedom in him! The speaker at the WOF brunch said it perfect!”Only U Can Be U! Thank u for sharing Raye! Your amazing !

  2. Diane

    Compelling to read into the heart of everyone. Who hasn’t done this. Those “rose colored glasses” of comparison are the sweet tool the enemy hands me whenever I am insecure for whatever the reason. How quickly I grab them to make myself feel “like everyone else”. But oh what a sorrow I give my Lord as He created me to be me and like no other. I live my days LEARNING to embrace this truth, I am His and He is mine.
    Thank you that you aren’t afraid to tackle ones everyday enemy, especially as a woman.
    You are splendid, just splendid when you walk into a room!

    1. Yes, insecurity is THE necessary ingredient for jealousy! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Diane. I appreciate you, and our friendship so much. I Love you!

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