Inspire: You’re Qualified


One of my favorite verses in the Bible is written by Paul, about sin; found in the book of Romans:

“I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” (7:15)

It’s not one of those typical life verses that motivates—it’s just plain talk, by a plain man, that lived a sinful life both before knowing Jesus and after.

What do I love about the verse?

It’s not a churchy-stained-glass-window bunch of words.

It’s real.

It’s true.

It’s the feelings of a bible-writer that allows us to connect to the realness of our faith.

For if a great man can struggle with the struggle of sin—my struggle, your struggle, isn’t a disqualifier…it’s a qualifier.

It qualifies us for a Savior!

For if we were perfect we wouldn’t need Jesus.

In your struggle of good and bad, yes or no, should I or shouldn’t I, take heart in knowing your faith is much more than a bunch of empty words. It is the understanding that you are only a prayer away from a Rescuer named Jesus Christ.

Study references: (click on each to be connected directly to bible verses) Romans 7:24-25, Romans 8:1-4, Psalm 34:15

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