Hope When You’re Needy and Captive

“The LORD hears the needy and does not despise his captive people.” – Psalm 69:33 NIV


photo: Raye Wortel

photo: Raye Wortel

No one likes to be needy.

The word even sounds ugly.


Have you noticed, it’s a word you tend to say with either a whine or a sneer? Ugh.

We’re so against being needy, we do much to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Every day we dress with bogus self-sufficiency and fake happiness, hoping no one sees how needy we really are.

But we ARE needy.

Sometimes, it’s so desperate, we can’t see straight.

What are you needy for?

Maybe you’ve buried your needs for so long, you can’t get words around them anymore. Here, use mine:

I’m needy …

  • for joy
  • for peace
  • for a purpose
  • for passion
  • for discipline
  • for understanding
  • for forgiveness
  • for love
  • for contentment
  • for freedom
  • for restoration

Psalm 69:33 says, “The LORD hears the needy.”  When no one else is listening, God hears! He is ready to listen to our poor state of affairs. To favor us with his presence, and give us what we need. Amen! Thank you, Lord Jesus!

But wait, how’d we get so needy in the first place? How did we lose love, freedom, or discipline in our life?


Somewhere along the line we traded our freedom for captivity.

Most likely, it was a hundred little choices over a hundred small moments where liberty was exchanged for slavery.

So, what’s holding you captive?

Still having a hard time finding the right words? I’ve got a few you can use:

I’m captive …

  • by bitterness
  • by insecurity
  • by loneliness
  • by perfection
  • by complaining
  • by distractions
  • by reputation
  • by ungratefulness
  • by selfishness
  • by fear

Needy and captive. I don’t think you can be one without the other. If I need more discipline in my life, then I’m likely caged by distraction. If I’m needy for love, maybe I’m imprisoned by selfishness or insecurity. Or if I long for contentment, joy or peace, perhaps bitterness has me in chains.

When I explored my own neediness and captivity, I became overwhelmed. How do I begin to fix this? Do I acknowledge my deepest needs, then tackle what’s holding me captive? Or do I put my needs aside and try – somehow, to gain my freedom from fear, insecurity, or a complaining tongue? God, if I tell you I’m in chains, will it cure me of captivity? What do I do?

You begin by believing one thing …


Not today or tomorrow. He never has, nor ever will. He understands captive people. Whether a Hebrew in a desert land or a daughter in a big city. God gets captivity, and he doesn’t despise his people for it. This was a tremendous relief for me. Despite my slavery God doesn’t look down on me. I may give myself a nasty look, and others may judge, but our Lord does not.

Interestingly, some words opposite of despise are:

  • adore
  • approve
  • cherish
  • like
  • love

I like those words! Let’s give God our needy, captive lives today.

photo: Raye Wortel

photo: Raye Wortel

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  1. Carlotta

    As always, I love Mondays and the Hope Filled Road. I look forward to the messages the two of you are so clever at delivering. Things that I already know and believe, but would never know how to share with someone else. I do pass on these messages and today is, once again, worthy of passing on. Bless the two of you for finding a way to brighten our day and enlighten our minds. Keep up the great work of spreading HIS message. To everyone, I hope you have a Hope Filled day.

    1. Raye Wortel

      Oh my goodness, Carlotta, you made my day! Thank you for your sweet words. It’s a joy to write for you and all of our HFR friends! Blessing and hope to you!

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