He Left a Calling Card

“Never will I leave you; Never will I forsake you.”  Hebrews 13:5 NIV



A long, long time ago—what seems like an eternity now–I had a small little business card placed in front of me. On that card was today’s key verse, boldly printed against a beautiful picture. It grabbed my attention, so I grabbed it.


The card was on a food tray, placed in front of me by an Alaska Airline attendant on a flight I took to the Northwest. Each tray had a card. Each card had a verse. Each verse had a meaning.


Now I know it’s almost unfathomable to remember a day when a company generously handed out Bible verses, but add a food tray on a short flight—unheard of!


But there on my tray sat that card.



Photo: Renae Bowman


It spoke to me for some reason.


I had put God aside in my life. I had given Him a nod that He was God, but I wasn’t really in need of him—most of the time.


But that card.


It called me to take it after the meal. Others threw theirs away. I quietly slipped it into my purse.


I eventually tucked it in my wallet. But not just in a pocket where it would be forgotten, I made it so that every time I opened my wallet, I was met with that card.


In the repetition of daily routines, all without God, I saw the verse and memorized it. It became the one and only verse I could site. I knew it word-by-word, down to the verse number. Probably because it was short, but nonetheless, I had it memorized.


Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.


I didn’t understand.


There were countless times He could have left me.

There were countless times He SHOULD have left me.

There were countless times I was sure He had left me.


But He didn’t.


He stayed with me.


He kept His promise.


He left His calling card for future reference.


And in the midst of staying with me, He had never forsaken me. He let me stumble, he let me fall, he let me experience every possible feeling imaginable—but Jesus never turned his face from me.


Or you.


Or your struggles.


You see, the promise I held onto for decades’, not knowing the meaning for so long, is yours too!


He won’t leave, YOU.


He won’t forsake, YOU.


He will keep his promise, to YOU.


That is the God who I call my Savior.


That is the God who is waiting for you, to call Him Savior.


I pray this verse, which sustained me for years in the wilderness, becomes your verse.


It was there.

It reminded me.

It gave me Hope in a whole bunch of hopelessness.


I had no idea the impact it was quietly having on me.


Make it your own.

The words have such powerful meanings.

The promise is real!



(Maybe you need your own card to carry around. If you click here, you will find a printable sheet of the photo with the verse. It is a gift to you. You can print it up on some sturdy cardstock and do with whatever you want. Cut one for yourself…Cut a few for friends…Make some “business cards”…Your choice. One card truly did have an impact on me. I’m wondering what one will do for you–or someone else?)

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