He Actually Prayed for Us!


Photo by Renae Bowman


Did you know that Jesus prayed to his father specifically for YOU?


I didn’t either!


Well, I sort of did—probably like you, but really didn’t key in on it…until a few days ago.


The other morning I was reading in the book of John and saw a verse in a completely different way than I had before.  I’ve read this chapter, read this book, a few times before but somehow missed the meaning of the verse.  It was one of those nuggets I had passed by.


“My prayer is not for them (apostles) alone.  I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me.” John 17:20-21. NIV (emphasis mine)


Do you see? He did. Oh my goodness, he did—Jesus prayed specifically for me…for you!


It caught me completely off guard.


Before I started my reading for the morning I had prayed my usual prayers and then asked God to bring to light something for me.  Something that would sink in and give me guidance.


And there it was.


Not a verse of life’s lessons. Not a verse of conviction.  Not a verse of commands.


No, it was a verse of love.  In Jesus’ own words telling me that he cared so much, he prayed to his father for us.


Let me add this too.  This was Jesus’ last act of prayer before he was arrested. Before his darkest hour, he thought of…you!




Jesus knew he was coming to the end of his ministry.  He knew his time was limited with those that would record his very movements and speech.  And what did he do for prosperity?  He prayed for US.


I don’t know about you, but this gripped me. It held up my importance in Jesus’ life.


And before you think that it was just a general prayer for all, may we take it one step further?  I don’t doubt for a second he could close his eyes and see our very faces in a flash.  If we’re told in the Bible that God knows each of us personally, than why would we not believe Jesus had a clear vision of us all when he prayed?


I needed that the other day. I need it again today.


Do you need that today?


Do you need to know that the Son of Man prayed on your behalf before he was led away?  Do you need to know that wherever you are in life right this moment, Jesus prayed for you 2000+ years ago?


I sure do.


This verse is yet another reason why I love to read the Bible.  Oh sure, it is full of a bunch of begats and begots and a whole bunch of names that we can’t pronounce—but dear ones, it is also full of love letters to us.


And finally, the verse I write about is cloaked in a message.  Jesus didn’t pray for our health. He didn’t pray for our wealth. He didn’t pray for our safety or security or longevity.  What he prayed for was our togetherness.  He prayed that we remain in the Father, so that others will believe.  Why? Because he knew when we do, there we will be safe.  There we will be wealthy. There we will be secure.  That is the message of our dear Savior moments before they led him away.  Hallejuah!


Thank you sweet Jesus for praying for us so long ago.  You have always been concerned for your sheep and yet we forget.  Dear Jesus, will you pray for me again today to your Father? Will you once again ask him to keep me close to you?  Will you cover us in prayer that we remain in the Father, as in You?  Thank you Yeshua Messiah!



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