Jetty Walking & Following Jesus

“Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, LORD.” – Psalm 89:15 (NIV)

Last Saturday afternoon, I spent some time wandering around at the beach.  Yup, just me and my trusty camera; taking in the sights and sounds of carefree ocean living.  Definitely, a little piece of Heaven on earth.  Thank you, God.


As I traveled across the warm sand, I came to a jetty.  I could see the waves breaking against the front edge of it, and I thought I could get some really nice pictures.  I only had to climb out there to get them.  Feeling rather gutsy, I decided to go for it.


When I stepped up to the first set of rocks partially buried in the sand, I remembered I was wearing flip-flops.  Not at all the type of shoes to wear when climbing on rocks.  I hesitated for a moment wondering if I should pass on the adventure.


Deciding to take a chance on getting some good pictures, I moved forward.  My first few steps went well, until I came to an area loaded with spider webs.  Normally I’m okay with spiders, but now I had to worry about coming in close contact with them.  I was having enough of a challenge choosing the right rock to step on without breaking my neck.  I sure didn’t need a distraction from these creepy crawlies.


Soon I left the spiders behind, and began to relax.  I stopped for a moment and watched two small boys hop from rock to rock like little gazelles.  They had no shoes on, and they were fearless!  Feeling a little envious, I continued on, trying to gracefully leap across the rocks, but not really trusting my body to move the way I wanted it to.


Suddenly, I came to a break in the wall.  I stopped and looked around for another way to get across, but there wasn’t one I felt comfortable taking.  I looked out towards the crashing waves – the way the sun glinted off of them was beautiful.


I was halfway there.  It was time to ask myself: “Do I stay here and take whatever pictures I could get, or do I jump across?”


I jumped.


By God’s grace, I landed on the other side without twisting an ankle or landing on my backside.  Feeling invigorated from my little success, I pressed on until I reached a good spot to take my photos.  I stood for a time, just marveling at God’s creation, and thanking him for getting me to this place.


As I walked back to shore, recalling my journey, I began to see a parallel between the jetty, and my walk with Jesus.


Deciding to climb on the jetty was like deciding to follow Jesus.  I was ill-fitted for scaling rocks.  After all, I possessed the wrong shoes, and hadn’t climbed on anything in years, but I saw the beauty awaiting me at the end, so I took the first step, and then another, and another.  It takes a letting go to follow Jesus.  Willful obedience allows the steps to happen.


Walking with Jesus doesn’t exclude peril.  When I came across the spiders, I was very unsettled.  It would have been easy to have simply turned around and taken the pictures from a distance.  Instead, trusting Jesus to carry my fears, I was rewarded with a closer, more fulfilling view.


Expect Obstacles.  The break in the wall became a turning point for me.  Once again, I could have chosen to turn around and settle for photos from faraway.  However, the pull of the waves called to me – drawing me in.  The possibility of what I could experience was greater than any fear or distrust I had.  Jesus does the same with his promises when we allow him to pull us in.


When I jumped, Jesus jumped too.  I was fortunate to land without injury – this time.  Deciding to continue moving forward, and facing uncertainty really gave me confidence to keep trying again in the future.  I know I won’t always land on my feet, but with Jesus at my side, I know I won’t stay down for long.


Hope in Motion

  1. Read Deuteronomy 26:17-18. Have you declared that the Lord is your God?  If so, what is his declaration back to you?
  2. Has fear or obstacles kept you at distance from something or someone?  What can you do to move closer?
  3. Proverbs 4:12 says, “When you walk, your steps will not be hampered; when you run, you will not stumble.”  Sounds great, but what is our part in it?  Read verses 11, 13 to find out!

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  1. Lori Perez

    It is amazing to me how you and Renae can find such wonderful ways to show how the Lord works with us. You both have such a wonderful walk with our Lord that it just makes me want to read your blogs all the time. I would love to have it every day. I can’t wait until the next one just to see what Renae or you have to say. It really opens my eyes to many things. there are a few things in my life right now that I am afraid to jump or even walk towards it. I also want to thank you for the scriptures that you put out for us to have from Proverbs. I love to read them and the Psalms. Thank you again Raye and Renae for what you are doing. I am sure that you are bringing many people to the Lord and I know that he is so delighted in that.

    1. Lori, thank you so much for your wonderful words! It’s so special for us to hear comments like this. You have definitely encouraged and uplifted us today!

  2. Devery

    “Hinds Feet On High Places”….all over again! Your story reminded me of that book, the first one given to me, by a friend who could see my desire to follow God, but let many fears get in the way of following Him to the utmost. Mountain tops, or jetty’s end, are destinations reached by trusting in Him, in all our lameness, or all our open toed shoes not meant for climbing. With Him, all things are possible!

    1. Amen! Thanks Devery! I’m going to check out that book.

      1. Devery

        It’s a classic.

        1. I checked it out on Amazon, and Pilgrims Progress too. They look really interesting!

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