Do You Feel Unworthy?

“By the grace of God, I am what I am.”  1 Corinthians 15:10 NIV

photo: Renae bowman

photo: Renae bowman

Would it be a fair thing to say that at times you feel you would be the last person God would pick to do ANYTHING for His kingdom?   Can I be the first to raise my hand, saying yes to that one?!

We sit in our routines and our lives and we look around saying, not me Lord! Our voices tell us if someone else saw the life I live they would clearly understand that I am not do-er material.

I’ll cut to the chase…you know that’s not what God is seeing, right?   His vision, of His plan, takes in much more than our limited eyes can see. God’s not looking at the now, he’s looking at the how. He’s looking at the child He made and the desire of His heart to see you live up to the expectations He had at your day one.

But we sit in the barter mode, don’t we? We sit in the mode of “not me—pick another.” We sit in the endless lists of why-nots and they stack up pretty darn high. We quickly say, “Who am I?” We quickly add “My faults are too many.”

May I remind you that one of the greats said these very words?

Ol Moses, Ol Moe, was living out his life all content and in routines, and God just had to come knocking! He just had to pick that guy, at that time, to do that stuff.

And may I also remind you of the list Moses gave God of his “who am I” material?

  • a convicted felon/murderer
  • an exile
  • a senior citizen
  • a stutterer

But we know the end of that story.

God said, “pshhhh, please! That’s all you’re coming at me with?! That ain’t nothing. Wait till you see what I can do with all that!”

Every one of us rattles off the lists. No matter where you are in life, there is a list you have in your mind of why there hasn’t been that one more step towards digging deeper or doing kingdom work. Even those in ministry write their lists—trust me!

So what’s holding you back?

What has been that nudging you can’t deny but won’t acknowledge?

I started making a list here to maybe help you think about things, but only you know what’s been on your heart. You know the secret things that God has whispered but you’ve pushed aside.

May I just encourage you that today may be one more nudging you’ve needed?  (Coincidences aren’t really, are they?)

May I encourage you to bring your list of why-nots before the Lord and ask him to look it over?  You know what he’s going to say, right? You know He’s going to tell you, “Oh child, watch what I can do with that list!” After all, we are who we are!

Moses had his job to do.

We have ours.

I don’t think we are called to take thousands out of the desert anymore, but I do think we are called to take the desert out of a few. There are lost people in this world wandering aimlessly without a Savior. Those of us who have found Him have the knowledge of what grace and peace and joy and sacrificial love does to a person. How can we keep that to ourselves? What more of a motivator can there be?

So maybe it’s time to stop with the who am I question and start with the I Am truth.   Truly, everything starts there anyway.

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