A Wedding Celebration

“On the third day a wedding took place at Cana in Galilee.  Jesus’ mother was there.” John 2:1 NIV


It’s the beginning of wedding season (at least here in Southern California).


My family celebrated the union of two into one.  It was a wonderful day and evening.  A beautiful bride, a handsome groom, great food, flowing wine, and dancing that lasted for hours.  A great celebration!



This wedding had extra meaning since it was a relative, which obviously meant other members of the family were there, too.


In our big family, we have one particular person who brings the party wherever he goes.  He is the lighthearted, fun loving, no boundaries kind of guy.  Pretense and etiquette does not define him or his actions.   Not out of malice or rudeness, but he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t buy into the hotty-totty kind of stuff that the rest of us worry about at events like this.  No, he’s the guy who takes as many wrapped shrimps as he wants from a waiter-held hors d’oeuvres platter, or orders up a full glass of wine when only samples are given, and plays bocce ball on the lawn while others are making small talk in the reception area.  Because of such, his adult children call him, “that guy.”


You know “that guy”, right?


“That guy” at parties and events that operates out of the norm and does his own thing.  Sometimes it’s a not-so-good thing. But other times, like this one, everyone else flocks to him because he is just being himself—genuinely.


And I thought of the Wedding at Cana.


One of the greatest stories ever told—the beginning of Christ’s miracles when he changed water into wine; a story that is beyond famous.  A story, written by John, that is recognizable by just about everyone.


The miracle of the wine is wayyyy cool, don’t get me wrong, but something else has always intrigued me…


Who was the couple getting married and did they save their guest book?


Who were these people? Why was their wedding picked for Jesus’ first miracle? What set them apart? Did they know what was right in front of them?


I tend to think not.  Why?  Because the verse simply starts with:

“Jesus’ mother was there.”

But what follows is very telling.

“…and Jesus and his disciples had also been invited.”


Jesus—an after thought—merely the son of the original guest (Mary), who just happened to be invited out of respect to her.




And he most certainly turned out to be “that guy”, didn’t he?


Food being served, conversation going on, music being played, a few toasts here and there…all the while God was sitting at table 9 talking about anything and everything.


Then the wine ran out and The Savior emerged onto the world.


Not in the synagogue, not on a stage, not on a mountaintop, and not at a king’s palace; but at a wedding of a man and woman near his own town, on a day where his mom held the invitation.


It is a glimpse into the realness of our God.  It is a glimpse into the ordinary, simple, non-preaching ways Jesus approached us—the world.  He was at a wedding when he started.  He wasn’t giving a seminar.  He wasn’t doing a sermon.  He was sitting with friends enjoying life, enjoying connections, and all the while being the Creator of the universe. The symbolisms are too numerous to describe in the events of the first miracle.


My dear sisters, Jesus is coming back.  Just as He emerged on the scene at a wedding, He will be returning in the same kind of manner.  We are told He is the bridegroom coming for his bride and has already secured a venue, and the food, and the entertainment.  Question is, are you ready to hang out with Him?




Will you simply enjoy His company? Are you seated at His table? Or will you see Him walk away and realize you missed the greatest Guest at the party?


Jesus is “that guy.”  Genuine.  Full of life.  Tender and loving. Forgoing all etiquette and pretense.  The One everyone will want to be around.


You are the holder of the invitation.  Will you attend?  An RSVP is required.


As far as Heaven goes–it’s always wedding season!




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  1. Cissy

    Renae you are so amazing! You have such a unique way with words, I love it!
    “An RSVP is required”. I’ve taken that “return by” date too lightly!
    I know how and why it is important for that card to be returned, yet I’ll take it right up to the date or worse have even let the date pass by! You’re right, He’s coming and boy I so want to be ready…I so want to be there and hang out with “that guy”…
    I’m thinkin’ its a blessing I don’t have an exact date or time of His return…otherwise I could be in big trouble, so striving to live right daily is my best shot at making this joyous occasion!
    Love ya, thanks for all you do and for helping me on this journey!

  2. Helene

    Our wedding week is upon us. And this is such a beautiful visualization of The Wedding at Cana. “That Guy”, the Saviour emerged!
    We are abuzz with wedding details with it approaching in four days, family coming in to town, bows to be tied, etc…all just details. What’s most important is that Christ is on the invite list.
    I just love your visuals Renae! I want to be sitting at table 9! As parents of the bride, we’ve covered this wedding in prayer, invited Him in. Now we so desperately need our bride and groom to RSVP!
    Loved your blog.

  3. Diane

    The joy and anticipation of seeing my groom intensifies as each day gets closer in reality. . .the benefit of getting old is that when your hopes and dreams seem to fade into a future that doesn’t hold much time to even begin to achieve them, Jesus’ face becomes that much clearer in my spiritual sights. Oh how I delight in knowing one day Jesus will take my hand and call me into His presence as His bride and together we can eat as many shrimp as we want while He unveils the mysteries of life that made no sense to me. There, in that place, I will finally understand with childlike enthusiasm who the King of Kings is forever.

    Thank you for once again causing me to realize my hope in heaven.

    1. Diane, your words are beautiful! Yes, our groom awaits and the secrets will be revealed. The anticipation of that day is overwhelming sometimes–just as it is with earthly weddings. Thank you for sharing your gentle words and adding hope to this writing. Blessings!!!

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