A Recipe for Your Daily Destination

“Give us today our daily bread.” – Matthew 6:11 NIV


My son is a competitive kid who often turns his everyday tasks into some sort of challenge, or battle to win.


The other morning he told me how he uses two bookmarks when he reads a book. One to keep his place, and one that marks, what he likes to call “the destination for the day”. He plans and adjusts his activities, so he can meet his destination goal every time.


This idea of a daily destination really got me thinking…


photo: Raye Wortel

photo: Raye Wortel

Where are we going today, and how do we know we’re heading in the right direction, with the right map, and the right things packed?


And how do we measure its success?


Success in society is often defined by the quantity on our plate, not by the quality of the plate, or what’s truly on it.


Plates piled high from a buffet of activities, appointments, and to-do lists indicates significance even if all those goodies are on a plate made of paper, while carefully chosen morsels placed on fine china are viewed as trivial, and even a bit lazy.


We run an endless cycle of doing, climbing, and crossing, and as we race off to what’s around the next bend, we forget to stay in the moment. Pretty soon we’ve lost our way, and much of what we do ends up feeling like fruitless wandering.


So what can we do? Our faithful God has given us a recipe for reaching our daily destinations. It’s summed up in six small words, but offers a substantial lesson:


“Give us today our daily bread.”


Let’s break it down word by word…

photo credit: Laissez Fare via photopin cc

photo credit: Laissez Fare via photopin cc


Give – We are to ask God for the bread which satisfies our bodily needs, so we have the strength to tend to our spiritual well-being. We don’t take it, nor do we buy it. It’s not on loan to us, it is a gift. Matthew Henry tells us, “The greatest of men must be beholden to the mercy of God for their daily bread.”


Us – A request that not only includes ourselves, but our fellow brothers and sisters. To give us puts us in a mindset of charity and compassion towards our families, and those who can’t, or don’t yet know to ask for it.


Today – This teaches us reliance where God’s provision is enough. If we ask for tomorrow’s portion we’re likely to choke on it as we overindulge. If we hoard yesterday’s it will spoil before we can consume it – each day’s bounty spent for the purposes of that day, for tomorrow’s needs may require a different kind of bread.


Our – We must stick to our own bread, not the bread of our neighbor, for that would not suit our taste or our need. Each day God personally choses for us what will nourish and sustain as we run the race marked out for us.


Daily – A reminder to renew our connection to Him each day. Just as our bodies need food everyday, our soul needs the indwelling of His Spirit for constant growth and maturity.


Bread – He calls us to ask for bread. Not a seven-layer cake, or some fancy delicacy, but a wholesome and basic staple. Through everyday obedience we choose to dine on ordinary bread that’s suited to our health, rather than feasting steadily on a tempting treat that will ultimately weaken our bodies.


So what does it all mean? How does this verse help us reach success in our daily destinations? Let me share my thoughts:


  1. Ask for and accept God’s mercies that are renewed each day. (Lamentations 3:22-23 NLT)
  2. Keep a heart of charity and compassion for those who cross your path. (Deuteronomy 15:8 MSG)
  3. Trust God to meet your needs, bring you joy, and help you serve others. (Romans 15:13 NIV)
  4. Be content with the Lord’s provision and portion for you. (Proverbs 30:8 NIV)
  5. Desire a life where the Word of God feeds your soul everyday. (Deuteronomy 8:3 NIV)
  6. Pursue holiness. (1 John 5:4 MSG)


If we can start off each day asking God to bestow these things on us, I believe we’ll find much success in our daily destinations.


What things do you do to reach your daily goals? How do you start your day? Please share your thoughts!

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  1. Great post, Raye. I read this yesterday but had too much going on to comment. I love how you broke down the words “Give us this day our daily bread.”

    To reach my daily goals, I start by writing them down. Then I check back over my list throughout the day.

    1. Thanks Anastacia, writing goals down everyday is a great way to keep yourself from wandering. My goal with this post was to encourage readers to align their goals with God’s principles, for when we do, we have an even greater chance of success – beyond lists!

  2. Raye,

    I enjoyed your post. What things do I do to ensure meeting my daily goals. If I write down what I have to do that sometimes does it. Otherwise I find when I mention my goal to someone, just mentioning it helps me. Even if the person never asks me about it.

    1. Writing and speaking our goals is a power way to ensure their success. I love your bravery in mentioning your goals to others. Sometimes the people we share them with try to deter or discourage our plans. Thank you so much for commenting, I’m thankful you took the time to visit.

  3. Great post, Raye. Like Dave, my thoughts were of how God provided for the Hebrews in the wilderness. They always had what they needed – each day. Every day.

    I like the way you summed it up with Scripture references at the end.


    1. Thank you for your thoughtful feedback, Joan! I love your site, and intend to spend more time there.

  4. Raye: great post! Good metaphors, too. It made think of how God provided for the Hebrews in the desert. He gave them just enough manna. And, as you mentioned, He told them not to save any. Really, really good post.

    1. Yes, I thought of the Hebrews too! I love the idea of daily dependence on the Lord, it keeps me from racing off too far ahead – and usually down the wrong road. As always, thanks for taking the time to read my stuff.

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