A Question Worth Asking

“Then the woman said to Elijah, ‘Now I know that you are a man of God…” 1 Kings17:24  NIV



He wasn’t in the wind.

He wasn’t in the earthquake.

He wasn’t in the fire.

But He was there.

God promised Elijah he would show up, and that He did. The Lord decided to make his entrance a bit more discreet…in a whisper this time.

Not just a whisper by the way, but a gentle one.

So, you would think the words that came from God in that whisper would be just as gentle and inspiring and noteworthy.


God shows up, shakes the earth a bit, makes a lot of noise, quiets things down and follows all that up with some profound words…

What are you doing here Elijah? 1 Kings 19:13


Those don’t seem like very inspiring words to me.

God shows up to have a talk with one of His greatest prophets and he throws that out there?

I have to admit, … I love it!!!

Not a slogan found on coffee cups,

Not a tagline used on new clothing,

Not words found on your wall for all to see,

Just a plain old question…

What are you doing here?

But the question was significant. The place where Elijah was at was significant.

He had just spent the past few years as the top prophet. People were literally bowing down to him! He was feared! He spoke the truth! Rulers wanted to talk to him. He was muy importante! He was on top of his game.

Then came trouble. Then came fear. Then came uncertainty.

And Elijah fled.

He ran away from everything and everybody he knew. He trecked a desert and later climbed a mountain. He went into hiding. And when he got there…he sat down and started the complaining…to God.

Why me? I’m no good. I’m better off dead. I’ve had enough. 1 Kings 19:4-5

Can I get an amen if you’ve ever thrown those words out to God? I sooooo hope I’m not the only one who says them.

But truly, have you been there? Have you been at the top of your game, riding high on the wave and then the crash happens; marriage, finances, family, job, health, doubts,–just to name a few?  I think it’d be a rarity if someone answers no.

And that is where God’s question is such a great one! There is meaning in it. It’s for all of us.

Can you here it from Him to you, “What are you doing here, (insert your name)?”

Why have you fled to the mountain of despair when I’ve proven I am the God above all Gods?

Why have you fled to the mountain of despair when I’ve proven I go before you in everything?

Why have you fled to the mountain of despair when I’ve proven all things are made new through me?

Do you see the value in God’s question to Elijah?

Do you see how the same question is as valuable to us today?

God doesn’t ask so He can understand us, He asks so we will understand him.

Our troubles mount—no doubt.

Our problems exist—no doubt.

Bad times happen—no doubt.

But God says, I am the answer—no doubt!

Like the story of Elijah, God hears our cries! And that is the beautiful part of the story. We don’t see Elijah up on that mountain languishing away alone in utter despair. No, we see a God who promised He’ll show up, and He did!

We, dear siblings, have the same promise to us!

God had to get Elijah to the end of himself in order for Elijah to remember he needed God. Maybe we need to be there too? Maybe the healing and the helping come when we say we’re done. When we say we can’t go on. When the list of complaints take over the list of praises.

God likes it when we’re in that place. It’s a prime meeting spot. He works his greatest wonders there.

There, the healing begins.

There, we meet our healing God.

There, we can answer His question, “what are you doing here daughter” with a simple answer, “I need you!”


Dear Lord, may we learn from Elijah that wind or fire or earthquakes or even whispers aren’t the focus—but reaching out to you is. Help us quiet our lives so we hear your answer in any way you send it to us. And help us come to the end of ourselves so we can only come to you instead. 

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  1. Jina (Goullaud) Borowik

    Love that and like Crissy’s comment.

  2. Chrissy

    Great stuff Renae. You did good. I know that when I get a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye, that a writer has done well in reaching me just where I am. Thanks for the tear down and build up. Sometimes you just have to smack people around first just to get their attention. I understand that. Feeling sorry for oneself only works for just so long. After a while people just give you no more sympathy. That’s when you have to wake up and take action. Get back on that horse! Do that job. Get over YOURSELF! God sometimes has been sitting there waiting for you to go through your ritual and now He wants us to get back in the game. Let’s go for it. We have a GREAT coach. There is none better!

  3. Lori perez


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